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Women’s Spirituality Forum Non-profit

Women’s Spirituality Forum Mission Women’s Spirituality is rooted in Nature, consistently surpassing our concept of what is possible. We are guided by the living examples in Nature, and thus this the Thealogy of the Goddess-based Dianic Tradition. Once people discover these realities, it dramatically changes their thinking about, and actions regarding, most of our environmental and social conditions. To enact more positive changes, we believe that we must change the way people view their spiritual existence on this Blue Planet. This vision ignited Zsuzsanna Budapest, and the women who worked with her, to found the Women’s Spirituality Forum, Inc., to disseminate breakthrough educational solutions and spiritual events in order to kindle this fundamental paradigm shift in consciousness; ultimately affecting Nature and women in a positive way. The Women’s Spirituality Forum has two keystone goals to help make this shift successfully. Connect women with feminist-focused solutions by popularizing breakthrough ideas and practices. Grow social capital by catalyzing, connecting and strengthening strategic. networks of women throughout the global and shifting consciousness. As the Women’s Spirituality Forum celebrates our 40-plus years as the inception of the Women’s Spirituality Movement, our ability to act as a fertile resource for the urgent transition to a restored and balanced world is happening with an unprecedented receptivity to innovative feminine ways of thinking and acting. Our Earth is in crisis and it seems that many are looking to women to heal the planet and our human family. Before women can step into our full potential as leaders and guides in this moment: We must recognize our feminine power and actively engage our voices and actions. We must individually reconnect with our deepest wisdom and with our spiritual roots. We must collectively heal the many dimensions of separation that keep us fragmented and ineffective as agents of social change. We must globally reclaim our rightful place as spiritual leaders in service of a balanced and compassionate new paradigm. We are committed to: Strengthening and nurturing the leadership capacities of women of spirit and faith for the sake of the survival of Nature. Encouraging collaboration and understanding among women’s organizations and networks. Creating an environment of trust, inviting women’s voices to be heard, telling and witnessing each other’s stories. Offering multiple opportunities to explore potent questions about the current state of women’s spiritual leadership. Practicing and modeling a feminine way, by creating a structure based upon shared leadership, collaborative practices, circle processes, deep listening, mindfulness and compassionate action. Allowing space for the emergence of divine guidance and collective wisdom.

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