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I You Venture, A Program of Family Service Agency

I-You Venture, A Program of Family Service Agency I-You Venture has served residents of skilled nursing and assisted living facilities in Santa Cruz County since 1974. When people go to live in a care facility they face a profound set of challenges: physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual. At a time when the loss of full physical or mental capacities can severely limit verbal expression of thoughts, feelings and beliefs, residents must make adjustments to their lives. I-You Venture exists to overcome the isolation residents feel, by introducing the community to them through our friendly visitation program. I-You Venture volunteers are involved in a broad spectrum of activities with residents including reading and art groups, music and playing games, to the quiet intimacy of one to one visits. Because activities are based on the talents of both residents and volunteers, their mutual experiences are active, personal and highly personal.

Health & Wellness, Senior Services
Santa Cruz, CA, 95060

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1740 17th Ave
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
Phone: 831-427-5070

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